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Investing in your kitchen update is a big deal. It’s an expensive undertaking. I understand that making the right decisions about new finishes and colors can be stressful. I work very closely with my clients to select the perfect color for their cabinets. In my opinion, the color on the cabinets has to work for the home as a whole. I take into consideration all finishes as well as the overall style of the home. For me, it’s not about imposing my personal taste. It’s about making the perfect selection for you so that at the end of the process you will love it! This service is included with the cabinet refinishing contract.

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Here at She Paints we put a lot of love into refinishing your cabinets. The majority of our work is in the surface preparation that results in the look of a brand new cabinet. It goes well beyond cleaning and sanding for paint adhesion. We take care of all the knicks, chips, dings and scratches that make the cabinet look worn and tired. We fully remove the existing finish and start our coating process with doors and drawers that look brand new from the wood shop. 

The same care goes into the preparation of the surfaces of the cabinet bodies. Please visit the FAQs section for more detailed information about the process and what you can expect while we’re doing the work in your home.

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Other design services

New counters, backsplashes and floors are often in the mix when updating the kitchen. Builder grade islands are being trimmed out as homeowners embrace the furniture style island. Tile is being used in more interesting ways and locations beyond the backsplash. Color is here! She Paints offers a design consultation for those who need some guidance in making special choices for their update.