I’m often asked how I got into this.

I always loved painting. When I was in high school I started experimenting with decorative painting and faux finishes. I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I entered college as a computer science major at Kutztown University. Needless to say I didn’t last long. I was introduced by a dear friend to the “art” building. It was thrilling that woodworking, ceramics, metals, etc. could be studied in college. I changed my major and started taking design courses in the crafts program. 

I loved it. But frankly, I didn’t love the idea of life as a fine artist. I decided that instead of creating decorative objects, maybe I’d be better off designing the spaces they’d go in. I transferred to Philadelphia University and studied interior design. It was a good move for me. 

I worked in the industry for ten years. As my 30th birthday approached, so did the itch to do my own thing. I loved painting, so this made perfect sense. 

In the beginning I was doing interior painting. It didn’t do it for me. I loved working with my clients and designing the color schemes, but the work wasn’t what I was looking for. It finally hit me one day as I was wandering through the fabulous kitchen showroom of Tague Lumber. It was about five years ago and the painted cabinet was hitting the scene in a big way. I thought to myself… I bet I could paint cabinets to look just like this. 

They say that when you want something you have to ask the universe. My interpretation of this is to run my mouth until someone gives me a shot. I will forever be grateful to my friends who gave me that shot.  Over the next couple years, I was able to shift focus to kitchen cabinets. Today, it’s all we do.

Our process is something that I take very seriously. I’m not a fan of internet research for this kind of work. When I started, I talked to every painter, finisher, crafts person and restoration expert I could find. I knew that to do this right, it was about so much more than sanding, priming, painting. I poured myself into experimenting with different techniques, products, applicators and every possible combination of those things. 

Every single job that comes through the shop presents unique challenges. We never do things the same way twice. Thanks to years of experience, experiments and process development we are able to tackle each project with the best practices necessary to deliver the most beautiful job for our clients.