Custom Cabinet Refinishing

The bottom line:

We give your cabinets new life with paint. Our goal is to help you create the look of a fabulous designer kitchen for a mere fraction of the cost of replacement cabinets.

This service is for you if:

  • You’re considering replacing your cabinets, even though they’re in great shape, just because you don’t like how they look.
  • Your cabinets have seen better days, but you’re just not ready to invest in brand new cabinets and deal with the upset that goes along with a full kitchen renovation.
  • You’re selling your house and you want to spruce things up to appeal to potential buyers.
  • You just bought your house and you don’t share the previous owner’s taste, but it’s not the right time for a full kitchen renovation.

Why it’s special:

Not all paint jobs are created equal.  Even with today’s self-priming paints, you can’t treat a  cabinet like a wall. Cabinets endure a lot of abuse — touching, banging, spills, eager toddlers and over-excited dogs.  For a finish to hold up, it has to be carefully applied.

Our cabinet-painting technique involves a 5-coat process. Result: a beautiful, durable, factory-quality finish that will last.

We’ll work with you to achieve the custom look that you want.  Whether you prefer a satin finish or high gloss, factory perfect or highly distressed finish, our extensive knowledge of industry tools and products, combined with creativity and artistry, allows us to help your kitchen shine.

Even with all the bells & whistles, our cabinet refinishing costs a  fraction of the most affordable replacement cabinets. And, as a bonus, you’ll breathe new life into your existing cabinets instead of sending them to the landfill.

We’d love to talk to you about your tired kitchen cabinets. Write us today (no obligation!).

PS — We can help you customize other cabinetry too, including built-ins and bathroom vanities!